Route 66 Solar + Battery Project

The Route 66 project is currently available to businesses or investors looking to expand their portfolios in North America.

Amshore partners with utility companies and independent power producers to expand their renewable energy businesses. We've developed solar and wind energy facilities for 20+ years--generating 2.9 gigawatts of clean power covering 500,000+ acres.

Key details include:

  • Technologies: Solar + Battery Storage
  • Location: Texas
  • Markets: ERCOT & SPP, possible dual-interconnect
  • Megawatts: 150-200 on each line
  • Solar Resource: 5.25-5.50 kWh/m2/day
  • Environmental: No species of concern or flood plain issues
  • Land: Site control of ~1,500 usable acres
  • Community: Motivated

Contact us to start a conversation about what your business can do with the project.